Jacqui Meyer - Burnout coach for women

Burnout Coach for Women

Taking you from

Burnout to Brilliance

My mission is to help women suffering from burnout recover and
live in their brilliance.

I help women understand why they burnt out in the first place and identify what factors contributed to this time in their life.

Together we can then create sustainable habits to speed up their recovery towards living a happy and thriving life without the worry of relapse, to live in their brilliance.

I understand what you are going through.

Personally, I suffered from burnout and adrenal fatigue and I am proud to say that I am fully recovered and through this experience and time in my life,
I have developed systems to ensure I will never relive this experience again.

Now it is my mission to make sure that no other women have to go through this alone.

Not sure if you're suffering from burnout?

Knowing is the first step to making changes and recovering.

Jacqui Meyer - Burnout coach for women
Jacqui Meyer - Burnout coach for women

Hi, my name is Jacqui Meyer

I am a wife, a mom to two fabulous boys, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an aunt... and so much more...I want to share my burnout story with you.

I used to work in a male-dominated corporate industry. I worked for the same company, in different roles, for 17 years.

And then I got sick!
I don't mean the sniffles, I mean REALLY sick!

I was rushed to the hospital twice. The second time I ended up in High-care.

It wasn't fun.

I saw countless specialists and went for countless tests.

Eventually, my own doctor, a female doctor, diagnosed me with adrenal fatigue.

I reduced my work hours, I stopped travelling, I was even able to work from home for six-months. After six months, I had to go back to "normal" work conditions.....

In six weeks, I had undone all the good I had gained in those six months

Something had to change.

And fast!
So, I quit my job.
We had no plan.

We needed the income.
But leaving was the better alternative.
Three years later, I work flexi-time around my children's itineraries. I no longer have to travel for work. I dictate my diary and therefore my income.

I am recovered.
I am happy.
I am healthy.

I am now a certified life coach and I help women who are either suffering or recovering from burnout. Because I don't want anyone else to suffer the way I did. I also believe, as women, we need to normalise the discussion around burnout.

Jacqui Meyer - Burnout coach for women

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Feel like there aren't enough hours in a day? Feel like you are constantly juggling everything and everyone? Do you feel like there is no end to your overwhelming to-do list?
I completely understand! I used to feel this way too, until I learnt how to better manage the 24hrs per day that I have, and I’m going to let you in on my secrets!
All you’ve got to do is sign up and join me online to learn how to create more time for yourself and begin your journey back to Brilliance.

This is for you if:

- You resonate with being burnt out

- You are struggling to juggle it all

- You have high expectations of what you should be able to do

- And you think you might have Superwoman syndrome
You will receive a set of tools to help you manage your day and so take back your power. You will be able to set boundaries and be more productive, focused and creative. You will be able to create more time for yourself.

Group Programme


Imagine what it would be like if you recovered from burnout and were living in your brilliance? What if you learnt how to recover from burnout and NEVER suffer again? What if you were given tools that you could use in your everyday life to ensure you NEVER suffered again?

Burnout to Brilliance is a 6 month group programme designed to help you find yourself and ensure you won’t rebound into burnout again. Together, we deep dive, into how and why you burnt out, as part of the path to recovery, to ensure you don’t repeat the pattern. This is a group coaching programme combined with a self-study component, designed to get you real results fast and authentically, through a multitude of modaltities. It literally has everything you need to guide you from burnout (and everything associated with burnout, physically, mentally and emotionally) towards living in your brilliance!


Jacqui Meyer - Burnout coach for women

This is for you if you want a more personal touch for your burnout recovery.

Together we create a bespoke programme just for you and your unique situation. This is my premium offering where you get my complete and undivided attention, my genius and a clear programme tailor-made for you, your requirements and your goals.

Your programme will give you the stepping stones you require to fulfil your goals. It will help you gain structure, build constructive habits and embedding the necessary changes. So that you have the tools and habits at your disposal to use to keep momentum in your trajectory towards living in your brilliance.

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