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Big changes come from small, daily, consistent actions.

Those pesky New Years resolutions right? Ever set yourself New Year’s Resolutions, only to give up on them in just a few short days? One of the reasons this happens...

An epiphany in the car park.

The vicious cycle of our thoughts. I must share a very important realization I had today with you. The last few days, I have been feeling a bit tired, lethargic....

One of my clients was just diagnosed with ADD.

Feel like you can't focus, you are easily distracted? Maybe you have ADD.... or maybe you are suffering from burnout. One of my clients was just “diagnosed” with ADD. I...

Right or wrong?

Just because I do things differently, doesn't make me wrong. If I am weird or wrong for wanting to eat healthily, then so be it. If I am weird or...

Using your love language to practice effective self-care.

Let’s back up a bit and first explain what a love language is. According to Dr. Chapman, the author of the book “The 5 Love Languages”, there are five primary...

Money, money, money.

Have you ever had a conversation with money? Below is a recent letter I wrote to money. I have to admit, I was quite surprised by how far I have...

10 Tips for Uncertain Times

This list was compiled on 15 July 2021, when South Africa and KZN, in particular, are experiencing civil unrest to a scale never experienced. Shops and businesses have been broken...

Nature vs nurture: a dip into epigenetics

We have all heard the theory of nature vs nurture. Let me do a quick review for you The debate centers on the relative contributions of genetic inheritance (a.k.a nature)...

The power of your influence.

Never underestimate the influence you have on others. This yoga pose is called tree pose. Because we live on a farm, we travel the same route to school every morning. And...

The Struggle at the Mall

This weekend, we went shopping. We had to buy rugby boots for my eldest. While we were at the mall, I figured I would get myself a jersey or tracksuit...