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Consciously putting some of the juggling balls down

I want to share something with you, and I hope it will make you think and possibly implement in your life.

I know that you know the feeling that you are constantly juggling. Juggling the balls that represent your health, your family, your children, their school and activities, dinner, making lunchboxes, friends, work….. the list goes on and on. And some days we do okay with all this juggling but other days….. not so much.

I have had a interesting few weeks which have all culminated in what I am about to share with you. I participated in and completed Deepak Chopra’s 21 day Abundance Challenge which is probably where this all started. 

Almost two years ago, I gave up my corporate job to follow my passion as a yoga and lifestyle coach. I have, however, been doing some consulting work for the industry I used to work in. It is easy and pays the bills! I have also been trying to transition from this consultancy work to focus more on my yoga work. At the end of the abundance challenge, I was INVITED to attend a 2 day course in my previous field. As I was offered this, at no charge, and I had just completed the abundance challenge, I decided to attend.

The course was AMAZING. I learnt so much and it really resonated with me and how I could make a difference in the industry I was working in! But this left me in a conundrum. 

Luckily, my following week was a quiet one, one I could use for reflection. And do you know what I figured out… well, a few things but the two most important ones: (1) I am not ready (and the Universe seems to concur) to leave my consulting business just yet. There is still scope for me to make a difference and its EXCITING! (2) I am currently juggling too many balls.

So, I have decided to continue to with my consultancy work but to also consciously put down some of the balls I have been juggling. I have so many really exciting ideas and I want to implement them ALL, because I KNOW how fabulous they will be but I have decided I need to put some of these on the back burner for now… and that is ok. I need to focus on what is important right now and give that my full attention. The other stuff will come …. or it won’t…. and that is okay too.

We seem to spend SO much time being busy! Do you even remember what it is like to have NOTHING to do? I dare you to try it for an hour. Spend one hour, doing NOTHING. Find a comfy spot and slowly drink a cup of tea, read a book, watch the scenery, watch the clouds float past…. just stop!

Stop, breathe, relax, reflect…..Put some of those balls down…. everyone will thank you in the long run.

Published in LinkedIn and Midlands Wellness Association website

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