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Feeling safe in your own body

I saw a post earlier this week which said “ as a culture, we worship weight loss – when what we’re actually chasing is the feeling of safety in our own body”.

This hit home.

For the past year or so, I have been actively and consciously practicing loving my body and having abundant gratitude for it.

And I really do believe I have come a long way.

Yes, I still feel frustrated.

Yes, I still feel let down.

Yes, I am often disappointed.

But I have learned to lift my frequency (another conscious and active practice) and flip these lower frequency thoughts and feelings into higher frequencies.

But I am still carrying around a little more weight than I would like.

I have tried various “diets”. I have an eating plan, I tried intermittent fasting, I have tried intuitive eating (I could and will write about that another day) and I will lose a few kgs and then they sneak back on.

Do you know what I realized when I read the quote above?

All the love and gratitude that I actively and consciously practice for my body is great!

BUT if I don’t feel safe, in other words, if my nervous system is dysregulated, my body is functioning in survival mode.

It literally, and physically, can’t lose those few extra kgs because when you are in survival mode, your body stores energy (aka the extra weight).

It is not safe to lose the weight because you may need it.

So, do I have the solution? Not yet.

But follow me on Instagram as I share my journey.

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