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Money, money, money.

Have you ever had a conversation with money?

Below is a recent letter I wrote to money. I have to admit, I was quite surprised by how far I have come with my money mindset over the last few years.

Dear Money

Straight off, let me tell you how much I like you!
I won't lie, you scare me a little but I am working on that.
The more I get to know you and understand you, the more I like you.
I would like to spend more time with you, get to know you better.

I definitely feel like things are changing between us. I'm not sure how I used to feel about you but I do feel like our relationship is getting stronger and deeper.

I appreciate you.
I appreciate your presence in my life.
I love receiving you.
I love gifting you.
I love using you to pay my bills and be a productive and contributing member of society.

I want our to be a relationship of joy and abundance.
No more scarcity.
No more fear.

Let's create more together.
Let's create magic!
I love you money. And I am willing to do the work towards this type of relationship.

What would your conversation with money sound like?

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