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  • 40 Day Journal Gift set *LIMITED*


    The 40 day Journal gift set includes: 1 x 40 Day Journal: 40 Days to Mindfulness 1 x blank journal 1 x hand-crafted wooden pen 1 x hand-crafted pendulum 1 x instructions of how to use pendulum incl. delivery in South Africa

  • 40 Day Journal: 40 Days to Mindfulness


    Develop a daily mindfulness practice and transform your life in just 40 days with this powerful journaling experience. By committing to daily mindfulness journaling, you’ll cultivate a greater sense of self-awareness, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote gratitude and positivity. Whether you’re new to mindfulness or looking to deepen your practice, this book provides a simple and effective way to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine. Join the thousands of readers who have transformed their lives through this 40-day journaling experience and discover the power of mindfulness for yourself.