Thrive Retreat

6 - 9 AUGUST 2023
Pleasant Places, Country Guesthouse & Garden Venue, KwaZulu-Natal

  • Do you feel like you have an overwhelming workload often juggling multiple responsibilities?
  • Do you find that you are always prioritizing other’s needs over your own?
  • Do you struggle with setting and maintaining healthy boundaries?
  • Do you feel emotionally exhausted and struggling to manage your feelings effectively?
  • Do you feel isolated and a lack of support?

Thrive (verb): to grow, develope, succeed; it is to prosper, to flourish; to be your best self.

Meet Your Facilitator


Jacqui Meyer

Jacqui is a certified Life Coach and Kundalini Yoga teacher. Her mission is to help women suffering from burnout to recover and live in their brilliance.

Jacqui suffered from burnout and adrenal fatigue, and she is proud to say that she is fully recovered. Through this experience, she has developed systems to ensure she will never relive this experience again. She doesn’t want anyone else to suffer the way she did, so she has a set of tools to share to help women manage their lives and take back their power.

Be Part of Your Own Healing Journey

Through the retreat, you can gain a deeper understanding of your own needs, boundaries, and triggers that contribute to burnout. This self-awareness allows you to make conscious choices and take proactive steps to prevent burnout in the future.

By participating in self-care activities, learning stress management techniques, and prioritizing your own well-being, you will experience improved physical, mental, and emotional well-being. You will be better equipped to handle stress and maintain a healthier work-life balance.

The retreat will empower you to set and maintain boundaries effectively. You will learn to say no when necessary, delegate tasks, and communicate your needs assertively. This transformation will help you regain control over your workload and create a more sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle.

Through community-building activities during the retreat, you will develop a supportive network of like-minded individuals who understand your challenges and can offer empathy, advice, and encouragement.

This network continues to provide support even after the retreat ends, fostering long-term connections.

Women gain practical tools and strategies to cope with burnout and prevent its recurrence. They learn techniques for stress management, self-care, time management, and emotional resilience that can be applied in their daily lives. These sustainable coping strategies enable them to maintain a healthier and more balanced lifestyle beyond the retreat.


Investment: From R???? pp

This includes accommodation and all meals.

Thrive Retreat Package Includes:

  • Welcome goodie bag
  • Three nights accommodation in the Midlands
  • All meals, for the duration of your stay
  • Yoga practices (optional)
  • Workbook for you take home

Pleasant Places Country Guesthouse & Garden Venue

Arrive as a guest, leave as a friend and return as family.

Pleasant Places Country Guesthouse & Garden Venue is a country guesthouse in the heart of Midlands Meander.

The perfect stop between Joburg and Durban travelling on the N3

Pleasant Places by Sanaandi is situated centrally in the Midlands Meander overlooking the Lions River and picturesque farming and forest scenes.

The peace and tranquillity on the farm make for an ideal place of retreat from the city life. Take a moment to enjoy simple pleasures such a bird watching, scenic walks and stargazing. The warm beautiful sunrises will turn anyone into a morning person and the sound of the Lion’s Rivers can transcend space and time.

Our team strives for hospitality to make you feel at home. We pride ourselves with personal service that only a small, privately owned and managed country house can provide.


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