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The power of your influence.

Never underestimate the influence you have on others.

This yoga pose is called tree pose.
Because we live on a farm, we travel the same route to school every morning. And for most of this term, I have noticed two children, a boy and a girl, who are awaiting their lifts to their school, practicing this pose.
The girl child is there almost every morning and the boy child is there most mornings when we go past.

As we live on a farm, I was pleasantly surprised that these rural children knew even one yoga pose and it has always made me smile in the mornings to see them.
I have often wondered where they learned this one yoga pose and why they seem to practice it EVERY morning as we drive past.
It is sweet, it makes me smile, it warms my heart, it truly makes me happy.

I had a lightbulb moment!

And this week, I had a light bulb moment….. I have a sticker of tree pose on the back of my car!
The last few months I have been wondering where they learned this one yoga pose, it was from me all along!
The lesson in my story:
1. Your words and your actions are louder than what you know.
2. Someone IS watching you and learning either from you or in spite of you.
3. You have an influence on others around you…. Both positively and negatively.
This is powerful!
Knowing this, will you be more mindful, with your words and your actions?

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